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The Morphing Card

Effect: The magician has you pick a card, and then has you shuffle Then the magician picks out a bad luck card and tells you to keep it away from the deck. Next, he (magician) shows you 4 cards and lays them on the table. Then he shows you the cards 1 more time and then has you hold out your hand. He (magician) takes off the top 3 cards (showing each one individually) and has you look at the last card asking if it's yours. (and of course, it is!)

Card Trick:

1)You shuffle the cards and as you line them up, look and remember the last card (without the spectators seeing you)

2) Do the hindu shuffle (hold cards with an over-hand hold where you can only see the tops of the cards. then you take your other hand and start to pull the cards off the top into your hand not holding the deck) tell the spectator to tell you to stop taking cards, Be sure to tell them to say stop before you run out of cards though. when they tell you to stop, flip up the deck and show the card, telling them that that is their card. (which is actually the bottom card you remembered)

3) After you tell them to memorize the card, give them the deck to shuffle. (be sure you remember the card)

4) After you get the deck back, tell them that your going to pick out a bad luck card (actually what your doing is locating their card. after you find it, go to the 4th card (taking the rest of the pile with it) give the fourth card to the spectator. (say, "here, is this your card?" of course it's not so they say no. so say "good, it's not supposed to be") [brings a little humor into the trick!] anyways, when you put the deck of cards back together, put the pile that you used to give the bad luck card behind the other cards, leaving 3 cards in front of their card.

5) Then hold up the pile of cards and ask if the bottom card is theirs, they say no so you put the card down on the table and take the next card and place it on the top. Then you ask again if the bottom card is theirs. Here's a sleight of hand. instead of placing the bottom card on the table, you slide the bottom card back far enough to pull down the card behind it onto the table (their card) and place the card that was in front on top of the deck. Then you just ask about the bottom card and put it on the table regular and bring up the next card on top. Do 1 more time for a total of 4 cards on the table.

6) Now set the rest of the deck aside and tell them to place the bad luck card with the discarded deck.

7) Now pick up the four cards and ask them if the bottom card is theirs, following the same procedure as before except do the sleight of hand at the first. when you get to the last to cards, just hold them both up at the same time and ask if either 1 of those is theirs. they should say no so you put those cards on top of the other 2 cards. (so in the pile of 4 you should have from the top card to the bottom card, a regular card, a regular card, a regular card, and their card on the bottom.

8) The last thing you need to do is have them hold out their hand flat and you set the 4 cards on the spectator's hand and flip and set down each individual card asking if it's their card and after you flip over the 3rd card, say, "do you even remember your card?" if they say yes, say, "SHUCKS" and snap your fingers or something like that. If they say no, well, i don't even want to think about it!

9) Turn over the last card and leave it in their hand and just watch their faces as they wonder in amazement "HOW IN THE WORLD DID HE DO THAT???"

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