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Card Tricks

Effect: To guess someone's card by memorizing order of dec...

The Magical Trio
The effect of the trick: Three cards of the same value are...

Kathy's Prediction
Shuffle a deck of cards. Place the top card face up on the...

The Wizard Takes a Holiday
Spread the cards out face down and tell the spectator that...

Magic Spelling Card Trick Secret
A very clever self working trick secret which is guarantee...

Count Down
Original Author: Unknown Trick Description: You shuffle...

As Many As You
This mathematical trick can be performed with any pack ...

The Whole
A person chooses a card out of ten card with a hole at th...

Triple Threat
Ask a spectator to shuffle the cards. Take them back, sayi...

Card Mutilation
Effect: This is a Card trick that involves mutilating two ...

Three In A Row

Put one of the RED Aces on the bottom of the deck, so that the audience does not see. Gather the other three Aces and show them. Then ask a spectator to put one on the top, of the deck, one on the bottom, and one in the middle. Have her cut the deck, putting the bottom half onto the top half. Ask her to hand the deck back to you. Tell her you will find the three Aces, now magically together. Go through the deck and find the three Aces next to each other.

Hint: They will be near the middle.

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