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Card Tricks

It's Your Deal
The effect of the trick: The spectator cuts an ordinary p...

Very Ambitious Card
Effect: A spectators card rises from the center to the top...

Cardeenie Single
Effect: Showing the front side of your hand empty and then...

Card Through The Window
Effect: The magician allows the spectator to choose a card...

Magic Breath
Effect: Spectator chooses a card. The card is placed rand...

Come together
The effect of the trick: The spectator cuts an ordinary p...

Card Trick 6
Effect: Someone in the audience chooses one of eight c...

Hard Card Memorization
Ask the spectator to spread a pack of cards, which they ha...

Never the Wrong Card
Effect: The magician has you pick a card, and then has you...

The effect of this trick: The performer challenges the sp...

The Changing Card Variation

Effect: Now not only does the card change, it disappears!


Do the trick exactly the same except for one minor preparation. Place on the top card a piece of double-sided tape. This way, when the spectator places his card on top, it will stick to the other card. Now the card changes, and also vanishes!

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