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Card Tricks

Mental Agility
This mathematical trick can be performed with any pack ...

Two Tricks in One
Effect: Ask the spectator to choose a card and place it on...

2 Card Monte
Effect: Performer gives spectator a heart faced card (say ...

Impossible Mind Reader
Remove 25 cards from the pack and allow the spectator to s...

Turning The Tables
The effect of the trick: From three piles of cards the sp...

Effect: A simulation of Houdini's Metamorphosis (sub-trunk...

Not Possible !
A card is selected and placed unseen on the table. As t...

This trick is quite simple, and shouldn't be used more the...

The Three Inseparable Cards.
The magician takes the shuffled deck and carefully and tho...

The Lost Kings
Effect: Magician shows the four kings to the spectators. H...

The Changing Card Variation

Effect: Now not only does the card change, it disappears!


Do the trick exactly the same except for one minor preparation. Place on the top card a piece of double-sided tape. This way, when the spectator places his card on top, it will stick to the other card. Now the card changes, and also vanishes!

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