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Card Tricks

Count On Me
This mathematical trick can be performed with any pack ...

Real 4 Aces Variation
Description: Set up the cards as in the original trick ex...

Card Mutilation
Effect: This is a Card trick that involves mutilating two ...

Magic In A Glass
Effect: The magician takes a long-stemmed glass and announ...

Pick For Me
Shuffle a deck of cards, getting a look at the bottom card...

Ace Inspector Spade
The effect of the trick: The magician tells the audienc...

Teleporting Cards
Effect: A spectator picks two cards from the top of the de...

Follow The Rules
Effect: A spectator takes a card, takes the rest of the de...

Quick Change
Effect: A card is selected by a spectator. The spectator i...

The 4 Row Card Trick
Here's a nice and baffling card trick. Heck, I don't even ...

The Changing Card Variation

Effect: Now not only does the card change, it disappears!


Do the trick exactly the same except for one minor preparation. Place on the top card a piece of double-sided tape. This way, when the spectator places his card on top, it will stick to the other card. Now the card changes, and also vanishes!

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