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Build the Houses
Deal 3 cards face up in a row, and continue dealing until ...

The Hotel

1. You must have the four Queens on the top of the deck, four Jacks below the Queens, four Kings below the Jacks, and four Aces below the Kings.

2.)Deal out the Queens, face up, in four different piles, while saying, "Four girls went to a hotel. Each stayed in a different room."

3.) Deal out the Jacks onto the same four piles, while saying, "They needed their baggage, so they called up four bellboys."

4.) Deal the four Kings onto the piles, while saying, "Four desk clerks came in."

5.) Finally, deal the four Aces, while saying, "The girls panicked because they thought the clerks were burglars, so they called the police."

6.) Set the rest of the deck aside. Put the piles together. Tell one of the audience members to cut the cards.

7.) Deal the cards into four face up piles, again. Viola! They have returned to their proper places!

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