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The Turn Around Card Trick

Effect: The performer places eight cards face up on the table and then turns his back. He tells the spectator to turn one card around. When the performer turns back around he points at the card which was turned.


Place eight cards on top of the deck in this order: Three of Clubs, Six of Spades, Five of Clubs, Nine of Spades, Seven of Clubs, Six of Hearts, Three of Hearts, and the Seven of Hearts.

Deal the eight cards off the top of the deck, face up. You must be sure that the center of the cards are all facing the same direction (that is, the spots in the center of the cards all face one way.)

When the spectator turns one card around, the center spot will be facing the opposite direction. (eh: Try it; you'll see what he means.)

This trick works really well with children or at parties.

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