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Card Tricks

Cough, Cough
Effect: Spectators freely chosen card ends up folded in th...

As Many As You
This mathematical trick can be performed with any pack ...

That's Odd
This trick can be repeated over and over again without any...

Follow The Rules
Effect: A spectator takes a card, takes the rest of the de...

Card from the Box
A volunteer is asked politely to choose a card from a deck...

Suits Me Fine
Pre-arrangement: Prepare a deck with one suit - leaving ou...

Count Down
Original Author: Unknown Trick Description: You shuffle...

Haphazard Cards
Holding a deck of cards face down in your left hand, take ...

The circle card trick
This one takes a little bit of acting, it is very funny th...

Find The Card The Easy Way
In this trick 16 cards are placed face up on a table, in f...

The Whole

A person chooses a card out of ten card with a hole at the top of them. the magician puts the card back into the middle of the ten without looking at it. he then puts a string into the hole of the card thus conecting them and with a jerk of the string all the cards are pulled away exept the chosen card!

The trick is very simple. when you put the card back into the deck you do it from the bottom and you dont put it in all the way you actually hide the bottom of the card with your hand and when the person pulls the string it stays behind.

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