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Suits Me Fine
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Think About It
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The Magical Trio

The effect of the trick: Three cards of the same value are separated then magically brought together by a spectator.

Before you begin the trick: Take out four cards of the same kind lets say four fives for example. Put three fives to one side and secretly position one five in the pack so that it is the fifth card down from the top.


Tell the spectators that you've taken out three cards of the same value and that you're going to split them up then have a spectator bring them back together by magic. Show the three cards to the spectators and put them face-down on the table next to the face-down pack.
Place the top two cards from the main pack face down on the table, then on top of them, put one of the three fives. Put two more cards from the main pack on top of this new pile and one more of the fives. Add one more from the main pack and finish off with the last one of the three fives. Ask a spectator to give the new pile of cards a tap and say the magic words (whatever) then turn over the top three cards to reveal three of a kind.
NB for this trick to work, one of the five top cards must not be the same as the fifth card.

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