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Card Tricks

Deck Predictor
Effect: After mixing the deck of cards, the performer asks...

What's on Your Mind?
Before you start, conceal three cards in your pocket, face...

King of the Hill
Preparation: Before you start the trick place the four Kin...

Best Buddies
The effect of the trick: Two cards, inserted into a deck a...

Amazing coincidence
The magician selects a number of cards from the deck and s...

Mind Reader II
Effect: This is just a variation of the trick Mind Reader,...

Whispering Deck
Effect: You riffle the deck and wait tell the spectator te...

Quick Flip
1. Shuffle the deck, and as you finish the shuffle and dec...

Firehouse Jacks
Description: As the original trick you set it up pretty mu...

The Sun
1) Count out 30 cards face up. Remember the 10th card. (Le...

Think of a Card

Effect: The magician takes a packet of ten cards from the top of a shuffled deck. A spectator thinks of one of those cards and memorizes it. The magician tells the spectator to also memorize the position of the card from the top of the (face-down) packet. That done, the magician squares the packet up.

Magician divides the packet in half. He takes the top five cards and places them under the bottom five. He asks the spectator for the position of the remembered card. Magician takes a card from the top of the packet and puts it on the bottom. Do this the same number of times as the number the spectator gave you.

The magician finds the card, using the Elimination Shuffle.

The Elimination Shuffle: Take the top card off the packet and put on the bottom. Take the new top card and put it on the table. Keep doing this, one card to the bottom, next card to the table, until you hold only one card. It will be the card the spectator chose.

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