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The Jack's Party

Effect: This trick is a great crowd pleaser and will get a lot of recognition for its seemingly magical effects. Basically, you separate four sets of cards and magically bring them back together!!

Card Trick:

1. Take out the Kings, Queens, Jacks, and Aces.

2. Tell your audience that there is a story that goes along with this trick. (This will keep their attention)

3. Begin the story, "The jacks were having a party [Deal the four Jacks face up in four separate piles] and they invited their friends the Kings. [Deal a King face up on top of each Jack] They got a little bored so they invited the Queens to liven up the party!! [Deal the Queens on the Kings] The party got a little rowdy, so the cops came and took them all to jail. [Deal the Aces on the piles in the same way as the previous cards]".

4. Pick up the four piles, one on top of the other. You now have one pile with 16 cards in it.

5. Continue, "Along the way, the police cars got into an accident." Have the audience give the deck as many complete cuts as they wish. (In each "complete cut," the deck is cut and the bottom cards are immediately put on top.)

6. Deal four cards face down onto the table left to right, then four on top of those, and so on until you have four piles of four cards each.

7. Finish your story: "Even though they were separated in the accident, when they arrived at the station they were [as you say the next part, turn over all four piles] All Together!!!"

8. You will see that the aces, kings, queens, and jacks are in their own separate piles together!!!

9. Have fun with this one and change the story however you feel fit!!!


10. Now finish your story with: "Even though they were separated in the accident, when they arrived at the station they were," As you say the next part turnover all four piles, "All Together!!!"

11. You will see that the all of the aces, kings, queens, and jacks are all in their own separate piles together!!!

12. Have fun with this one and change the story however you feel fit!!!

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