This trick is quite simple, and shouldn't be used more then once on each person. A big audience isn't good. Shuffle the deck, then make 3 piles about equal quantities. And pretend they you just have some cards left over that you don't need. (But don't annoce it). Now, tell the person to take the top card off any of those piles, and to memerozie it, and put it back down on top. While they look at their card, (this is the important part), take a card off the left over cards that aren't in any of t
e piles, and palm it under your hand, so that it is conceald from the audience. Then, after the person puts their card back on top of a pile, ask them how they want it stamped. Offer any types of stamps as long as your first one is an open hand, so that you can drop the card in your hand on your first hit on the deck. The rest you say is just for efect. Whatever stamp they choose, tell them to watch you closely and say that something magical is about to happen. (When in in fact, the trick is over), so now they watch you intently but can see nothing suspicous. Say now, that "with that magic touch, your card has changed places with the card that was below it. So fast that it cannot be seen by the naked eye." Or something like that... Now, the reason you only do this once is, because now they'll be watching your hands like crazy the next time, now that they know what to look for. (Diffaculty) This one requres very little skill!