The Hindu Shuffle & Force

The card to be forced is at the bottom of the deck. Hold the deck face down in the Hindu shuffle position in the left hand, i.e., hold the deck with the third phalanx of the fingers with the thumb on one long edge and the other four fingers on the other long edge. Start the Hindu shuffle by seizing about 2/3 of the deck from the bottom with the thumb and the third finger of the right hand. Then repeatedly bring the pile in the right hand onto the pile in the left leaving some cards from the top
nto the pile on the left each time. While doing this, tell the spectator to tell you when to stop. When he does, show him the bottom card of the pile in the right which will be the original bottom card.

Note: The Hindu shuffle must be done in a rapid and smooth fashion in order for the force to work.

Alternate Description: This shuffle is done in the following way. Hold the deck in your left hand with your thumb on longer side of the deck and four fingers on the other side. pull out the bottom of the deck with your right hand. let the top fall into your left hand. Have the palm of your right hand over the deck when you do this(it's easier to do the slieghts with this shuffle when your right hand is positioned that way) Put your palm over the deck when you pull the bottom out. next repeat step one. place the rest of the deck(which is in your right hand) back in your left and repeat.This is the hindu shuffle.

Retaining the top card with the hindu shuffle: Being in the hindu shuffle. After you have drawn off the first packet; with the thumb and middle finger of your right hand(your palm should be over the deck) pick up a small portion of the cards in your left hand. Keep doing the shuffle without hesitation. at the end of the shuffle, drop the cards down that you picked up with your thumb and middle finger. those cards should now be on top. If you picked up cards from the first packet drawn, then the top card should now be the same card.

Controlling a card with the hindu shuffle: Begin the hindu shuffle. Draw off about 3 packets or so. Then have your spectator place his/her card on top of those. Then continue the shuffle, except, with your thumb and middle finger, pick up a packet from the cards in your left hand(The top card of this packet should be their card). when you are done with the shuffle naturally drop that packet on top. It should appear that that is that last packet. Pretty deceptive move:)

Retaining the bottom card with the hindu shuffle: at the begining of the shuiffle hold the bottom card with your index finger. When you pull of the first packet, slip the bottom card on it. simple:)

Hindu control - Have the card placed on top of some card stock, catch a break underneath it with the pinky. Drop the remaining card stock on top. Hindu shuffle from the break (where spectator's card is the bottom card of the shuffled stock) Shuffle until the spectator's card is on top.