Invisible Deck

This deck is a trick deck wherein the backs of the cards used have a thick, non-slick surface. The cards are placed back to back in certain pairs. There a few rules in determining these pairs:

* 1) Each pair adds up to 13 (9 and 4; 6 and 7; queen and ace; king and king; etc.)
* 2) All the odds are on one side, all the evens on the other
* 3) Hearts and spades are on one side, diamonds and clovers are on the other (note: this could vary depending on the co
pany that made the deck)

A joker is commonly used to cover up one end of the deck, seeing how both sides have face up cards. By putting the joker face down on one side, you can make the deck appear as if it were legit. Manuever the joker by palming it and placing it when neccesary.

The most common trick used with the Invisible Deck:

An "invisible" deck is seemingly placed in front of the participant. Encourage them to shuffle through the pretend cards and pick one out. Ask them to tell you what card it is. They then have to make up a card. Lets say the card the choose is the 9 of Diamonds. Then the performer announces that the card will be mystically transmitted to a real, tangible deck. Using the trick deck, put the joker on the 'odd' card side (since 9 is odd), and start fanning the deck in search of a card. By applying a bit of pressure on the cards as you fan them, the backs stick together, and the audience cannot tell that each card has it's "pair" stuck to the back of it. When you get to the "pair" of the card your looking for (in this case, the 4 of Clubs) ease up on your finger tension and allow the "pair" to slip out (it will be face down amongst face up cards) and have the participant flip it over. It is their "invisible" card that they made up.