Stretch cut from pinky break

The stretch cut from a pinky break is not difficult at all if you can perform the stretch cut. The only difference is that you cant use you're pinky and thumb at the same time. Picture 1 shows the first part, the left hand holds the deck with a pinky break between the selection and the top card. The right hand has the first selection palmed.

In reality the right hand hangs loose along you're side. In picture 1 you see both hands close together for explanation purpose only. The
stretch cut you're about to make is the misdirection for the card palmed in the right hand.

Picture 2 shows that first the left thumb is going to begin the stretch cut. The break established by the pinky is been taken over by the thumb. Only short after this you can leave the pinky to begin the stretch cut as in picture 2.

Fig 3,4 and 5 shows the performance of the stretch cut. After this give the left hand a throwing action with a shake. At the same time the right hand reaches in the air where the card should be if it really flew through the air and produce the card as told before. Everything goes in a quick action. It's like you're picking a card from thin air.