# Hold the pack face up in the left hand between the first joint of the thumb on one side and the second joints of the four fingers on the other. Call attention to the bottom card. Turn the pack face downwards and with the tip of the left finger draw the bottom card, back towards the body about 3/4 of an inch. Now with the tip of the right hand second finger draw out the next card, and put it face downwards on the table.
# The glide is simply pulling back a bottom card so that the second to the bottom card is revealed alittle(this is done face-down though, so no-one can see the faces) It is only reaveled for touch. The second to bottom card is the slipped out as if it was the bottom card. (Usually it looks 'the bottom card is shown. then the deck is facedown(no attention drawn to this), then the bottom card is slipped out.(Of course, really the 2nd the bottom is slipped out.)'