Overhand Shuffle

This shuffle is easier to master.(not that the hindu shuffle is hard though) but this one is even easier. (they are both hard to describe or understand from text. If I was showing you then you would see that it isn't all that hard after all!) Most people are knowledgable about two shuffles, the overhand shuffle and the riffle shuffle. The overhand shuffle goes like this:

Hold the deck in your left hand in this way; hold your left hand out. have your fingers(not thumb) bent at abou
80 degree angle. (90 degree would be straight up, 45 degree would be horizontal) place the deck in your left hand, leaning against your fingers. They should not be standing tall, but standing short(the longer side should be on top) Next, pull the deck upward with your right hand, at the same time hold one packet down with your thumb. This packet should be the one closest to your thumb.(top few cards) With your right hand, let packets drop on front of each other into your left. This is the overhand shuffle.

Retaining the bottom card with the overhand shuffle: When you pull the first pack off, with your four fingers in back, hold on to the bottom card. With your thumb hold on to the top card. You will be pulling out all the card in the deck except the top and bottom card. then drop your first packet on top of those two cards, and then continue on with the overhand shuffle.

NOTE: This is also the way to make the top card second from bottom. This is very useful with tricks with glide.

Moving top card to bottom with the overhand shuffle: When you start, slip the top card down while you pick up the rest of the deck. The top card should be the only card in your hand. then simply start dropping all your packets in front of it. top card is now the bottom card.

Moving bottom card to the top with the overhand shuffle: Start by doing a normal overhand shuffle. When you start to reach the end of it start slipping card-by-card with your thumb, until are the cards are gone except one(the bottom card) then drop that one on top. This one takes a bit a practice to do it without blundering.

Retaining the top card with the overhand shuffle: I'm sure there are other good techniques. I just simply place the deck face-up, and then retain the bottom(which technically is the top).

I don't know what to call this one, but it's excellent. It will retain the top or bottom card. And it's a very deceptive shuffle. Do as if you were starting an overhand shuffle. Drop the first packet, and then drop the next in front of that. But next drop the next packet BEHIND those two. Then the next in front of those three. The next behind those for. The last packet you have in your hand also has the top card or the bottom card, depending if you had the deck face-up or face-down in your left hand. Drop the last packet on the side of wherever it came from. This one seems to get them everytime!