Double Lift

With the pack well squared in the left hand face down, bring the right hand over it, thumb at the rear, fingers on the outer end. Make a motion of squaring the ends and at the same time press the fingers back a little making the ends of the deck slightly wedge shaped.
With the ball of the thumb lift the rear ends of the two top cards and slip the tip of the left little finger under them.
With the right thumb tip on the back of the two cards and the tip of the right forefinger o
the face, turn the two cards as one and lay them face up on top of the pack, the ends protruding over the inner end of the deck for about half an inch Exhibit the card in this position, name it, and seize the cards again at the lower outer corner as before and turn them face down on the back of the pack.
Hit Lift - Holding the cards in mechanics/dealer's grip, bevel them to the right slightly. Keep a fairly wide space between the middle and ring fingers, and reach in that space with the right hand index finger. And just lift up two cards. You'll develop the feel after about 15-20 minutes of practicing this lift. It also looks more natural than the basic lift, and the motion can be easily copied when displaying a single card, too.

Two card push-off - This will be slightly difficult to fully describe how to do, but, hold the deck in mechanics grip. Then, make your index, middle, and ring fingers flush with the top card, NOT OVER it. Move your pinky to the lower right corner, flush with the stop, but now place some downward pressure. Your thumb should come over the upper left corner of the card right at the border (if the card has a border, if not, right where the index pip would start). That thumb should now just push to the right. VERY IMPORTANT: There should be no conscious effort to push the second card along. It will just happen if the grip is proper.

Double lift from packet of 4 - The way to do this lift will take some practice before it looks like a straight plain old lift. But, you can use the hit lift, but it will FEEL differently from what you're probably going to be used to. The method I use from a packet of 4 is to push off three cards, and catch the third card with my middle finger, then turnover the remaining two cards.