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Double or Nothing

Description: An adapted four ace trick

1. Tossing the four aces face up onto the table. Arrange the aces in a face-down row.

2. Fan off three cards from the top of the deck and place them on top of one of the aces.

3. Tap the pile of four cards.

4. Place the pile of four cards on top of the deck. As you do so, get a break with your left little finger beneath the top card of the four. Double-cut this card to bottom of the deck.

5. Turn the deck showing the bottom card the ace is not theirs. Turn over the top card the ace is not theirs ether.

6. Now fan off the top three cards and place them on another ace.

7. Pick up the four cards place on top of deck.

8. Double-cut the top card to the bottom of the deck. Show the bottom card ace is not theirs. Show the top card the ace is not their.

9. The procedure this time is a little different. Fan off three cards from the top of the deck and place them on top of one of the two remaining aces.

10. Pick up the four-card pile.

11. Carefully even the pile up now turn the pile over, showing the ace on the bottom.

12. Place the pile face down on top of the deck.

13. Show the top and bottom cards as before.

14. At this point double-cut the top card to bottom.

15. Fan off the top three cards on top of the last ace.

16. Place the four cards on top of the deck. Deal off the top three cards their are the four aces.

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