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Count Down

Original Author: Unknown

Trick Description: You shuffle the deck several times and then ask a person to tell you when to STOP when they think you drop ten cards. You then count the correct amount of cards actually dropped. You then tell them to memorize the top card and put it back into the deck shuffling anyway they want to. You then fan all the cards out in a spiral towards the middle and pick their card out for them.

How Its Done

1. Shuffle the card deck a lot, memorizing the bottom card. Depending on the war you shuffle, you should be able to keep a certain card always on the bottom. I usually lead with the right hand first so that is always the bottom card no matter how many times you shuffle. If you lose the card, keep shuffling until you memorize the bottom card.

2. Since you now know what the bottom card really is, it is a simple job getting the other person to pick the card. When you drop cards, no matter how many you drop, you should count the DROPPED cards back to them and eventually the bottom card will be on top.

3. After they shuffle and give the cards back to you, throw the cards out in a pattern to confuse them, then show them their card.

(I like to confuse them even more by throwing out about 10-20 more than the one they actually pick and then say "Is this your card?". Since they will say no... dig through the stack and get the real one.

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