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Card Tricks

Where's the Card?
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Mystery Card Location
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Opposite Decks
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Number's Game
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Build the Houses
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Card from the Box
A volunteer is asked politely to choose a card from a deck...

The Bottom Card
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Schwinn's Perfect Card Trick
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Quick Flip
1. Shuffle the deck, and as you finish the shuffle and dec...

The Reappearing Combo
Effect: Cards are eliminated by the audience but somehow a...

Cut To It

Effect: The spectator picks a card, puts it on the top of the deck, cuts the deck, and the magician finds the card.

How it's done

All you have to do is have a glimpse at the bottom card of the deck. Ask the spectator to take any card. After he does, ask him to put it on top of the deck, and to do a complete cut of the deck, putting the bottom part of the deck onto the top. You count off the cards from the top, flipping them face up until you reach what used to be the bottom card. The next one is the chosen card.

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