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Criss Cross

1. First, shuffle or let the spectator shuffle.

2. Go through the deck and memorize the top card (Let's say it is the ace of clubs). As an excuse for fanning through the deck, you can say that you need to remove your "unlucky card" (which can be any one except the top card).

3. Have the spectator cut the deck and place the top pile on the table. You then pick up the bottom pile and lay it on the other pile in a criss cross manner.

4. Say something to the spectator to take his mind off what you just did, such as "You had the freedom to cut a big pile or a little pile." Make eye contact.

5. Say "O.K. Now look at your card." Point to the top card of the lower pile. You now know that the spectator's card is the ace of clubs.

6. Now you can have him shuffle or cut and then use any way of presenting his card to him.

This is an easy trick, but you'll get a great response!

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