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Card in a Bottle

A card is selected, the spectators note it and it is returned to the deck. The magi' shuffles the deck and tries to locate the chosen card - but cannot ! After a few embarrassing moments the magi' has to resort to using mystical powers taught to him by an 'ancient'. He concentrates and utters a few hardly audable words. As he does so the remaining cards cascade over the table - the chosen card now magically appears inside a bottle.


Right ! the party is in full swing and the inevitable happens ....

"Show us some magic then...Go on... please, please, c'mon, we've got some cards if you forgot yours..."

Reluctantly you submit to this most unexpected of requests and you remove one of the three packs of cards you happen to have about your person !

Most of the people around you are holding drinks of one kind or another and you place the small beer bottle you are holding on the table at your side so that your hands are free.

The cards are offered so that one might be removed and examined. All the on-lookers get to see the card before it is returned to the deck.

The cards are confidently shuffled you then attempt to locate the chosen card.

"Huh ! Eerrr !Ummmh ??"

"I'm sorry I'm using my most subtle magical powers but I can't find your card anywhere ! - What was your card ?"

Sniggers and titters begins to emanate from the audience !

"The Four of Spades." shouts one of the less inhibited on-lookers.

You fan through the deck again "It's not here." you say - "Look for yourselves.... "

The deck is given to the original volunteer to examine, he and the others can't find the Four of Spades !!

You take the deck back -"I will use the special powers taught to me by an ancient of the Magic Circle"

You close your eyes, feign deep concentration, mutter a few 'mystic words' then hold out the deck before you. After a moment or two the cards begin to cascade down onto the table.

"Can you see your card now ?" - "No !" is the unanimous exclamation.

"It's here" you say. Reaching forward you pick up a beer bottle, holding it at eye level the Four of Spades is clearly seen inside the bottle !!!!

The crowd go wild! - Someone grabs the bottle in order to show all the other party-goers.

With a casual hand gesture you acknowledge their applause - you seat yourself where the more devoted of your new-found followers may gaze upon your 'light'.

* * *


Relax, you won't need 'mystic' powers for this trick just a well used deck, a duplicate 'spare' card and a bottle of beer.


Simply roll-up and position the duplicate Four of Spades within the bottle (always put the duplicate in the bottle as a newer card may be obvious within an old deck) you will be drinking from. Keep your hand around the bottle to hide the card - when you are half way down the drink commence the trick. (Before you place the bottle on the table, check that the card's face is in position to be seen when the bottle is lifted up).

The Bicycle make of cards are waterproof so don't worry about the card dissolving inside the bottle.

Force the Four of Spades on your volunteer, have the card returned to the deck, control it to the top - follow the performance notes above - before you hand the deck out to the volunteer 'palm' the Four of Spades, pocket it before taking the deck back.

Continue as with the notes above (allow the cards to cascade over your bottle) then reveal the card inside the bottle !!!

Congratulations - you're in the money

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