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Abracadabra This is Your Card!

1. Shuffle the deck. When you are done, square up the deck using a table to aid you. During this, glance quickly at the bottom card. REMEMBER this card.

2. Get an audience member to draw a random card from the deck.

3. Have them memorize it, then place it on the top of the deck.

4. Ask the audience member to cut the deck and complete the cut. At this point the chosen card should be directly below the card you remembered.

5. Turn the deck horizontally and shuffle the deck using the Overhand Shuffle. A fast Overhand Shuffle usually will not separate the two cards. Don't riffle shuffle - this could separate the remembered card from the chosen card.

6. Spread out the deck, right to left, face up, on the table. Your card will be just to the right of the spectator's card.

7. Take hold of the spectator's hand at the wrist. (Be sure to tell them you're going to do this!) Have them point their index finger. Move their hand over the spread out deck. When you see your remembered card, move their hand to the card at the right of it and DROP their hand. All other cards should scatter leaving their finger on the chosen card.

You can also reveal the card in other ways too.

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