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4 Friendly Kings (Variation)
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Effect: To guess someone's card by memorizing order of deck.

Preperation Before the performance, set the cards in this order: 8, K, 3, 10, 2, 7, 9, 5, Q, 4, A, 6, J. Also in suit order: Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds. To remember numeric order simply memorize this: "8 kings threatened to save 95 queens 4 1 sick knave*." To remember the suit order, use CHaSeD (Clubs, Hearts, Spades, Diamonds.)

Card Trick:

When someone picks a card, sneak a peek at the card above it. Now you should know what their card is. You can also let them return their card, and look for a card out of place.

Editor's note: "knave " is an old word for knight, which is the same here as the Jack.

This trick will take a lot of practice, but you'll have a real mystery when you get good at it!)

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