Three-Way Deck

Effect: The card that audience CHOOSE will get out from the deck by very interesting ways...

Card Trick:

I make this trick with my favorite kind of cards- "RIVERA". They are ordinary cards, if you will not pay attention for little picture on the back. Better get yourself some of those, because you'll just save a lot of time! (people that don't have that kind of deck, look below)

Well, here it is:

Preparation: Put all the cards "the same
way", so all the pictures on the back will face the same direction.

Step 1 "Choosing the Card":

You say your audience to say you stop while you sliding down through the deck. After that, you MUST take the card out, without any fear, and put the deck down. You start saying all those stuff like "PLEASE, REMEMBER THE CARD! THIS WILL BE YOUR MAGIC CARD!!!" After you done with that, you take the deck from the table and... flip it over! (Do NOT let anybody catch you an that move!) After you did it, put the card back. Now, the card is MARKED, because it does have a picture "WRONG WAY!". Now, I'll tell you three more steps, but yourself you may make them as three different tricks, and maybe you'll make up your own.

Step 2 "Clock it out!": I know that the name does not make sense, but well, here it is! Start mixing cards, then by putting A LOT of "useless" cards away, but NOT flipping them over make up a clock's surface(12 Cards should be in a circle). As number "6" is supposed to be "MAGIC ONE" that is easy to find out by looking at the back side. Now, volunteer from the audience must come, and you need to ask him to do the following:

a. Put your finger on the "number" 12(the very top card).

b. Think of a number from 1 to 12.

c. Start spelling your number clockwise, and using each card for a letter. (See EX. below)

d. Now spell the number that you are on now.

e. Repeat "d".

f. Take away cards, that represent 2, 4 & 8.

g. Make him spell the last time the last number he been standing on, and make him pick up that card.

He will be amazed! This will be exactly the card that we said is going to be the "MAGIC" one! The tip is that he will always end up on six! But that's where we put the "MAGIC" card! Make him put the card back and sit down. Before going to the next step, collect all the cards, and again, flip the "MAGIC" one. Mix the deck.

Step 3 "Which one will wake up first???":

Mix the cards, and put them in the order as I show. "-" means ordinary (ANY) card. "+" is the MAGIC one:




Then, divide the deck into two parts, and put one half away. Now... Put the cards together as I show on the picture:



aaa---------------- }One half of the deck


aaaaaaaa __________________


aaaaaaaa ++++++++++++++++++


aaaaaaaa __________________


aaa---------------- }Another half of the deck.



___________ - an ordinary card.

+++++++++++ - MAGIC card.

After that make a side with three cards on the top go inside the deck. Then slowly force the deck with the side with the cards that stick out and show the card that will get out of the deck. it will be their MAGIC card. Also try to out this card back there flipped.