The circle card trick

This one takes a little bit of acting, it is very funny though. Take any deck of cards, remember the suit, position, and number or letter of any 1 card (choose 1 near the edge so it is easier to remember the position), lets say that it is the king of hearts. Spread the cards on the table and notice where the king of hearts is. Ask the victim how many cards they would like to draw. Lets say they want 2. Then say "for your first card, please touch the king of hearts." Convince them that they have
the "ability". ehehhehehheheeheheh. they will then point at any card. Pick that card up and look at it, lets say it is the 2 of diamonds. Now, act amazed and confused. Glance between the 2 of hearts and the victim and say "Oh my god. You're right!!" They say "OK, lets try this again. Please pick the 2 of diamonds" they will point and u pick it up, lets say it is the 9 of spades. Now, act frustrated and ask them "how did u do that?" If they ask to see it, show them the 2 of diamonds. Now, say "Let me try this. let me try to pull the 9 of spades" Now, you pull the card u remembered, the king of hearts. once again, act surprised, amazed, baffled, etc. While they are distracted by your acting, sneak the king to the bottom. Now review all the cards to the audience. Flip them over one at a time