Amazing Card Production !

A card is selected by cutting the deck - on examination it is found to be the King of Diamonds,

without the magician seeing the card, it is returned to the centre of the deck.

The magician announces ~

"Without shuffling or manipulating the deck in any way,

I will locate your card and cause it to leap from the deck !"

The magician now holds the deck by one end and firmly riffles the other.

Amazingly the sele
ted card leaps from the centre of the deck -

but it is a miniature King of Diamonds !!!!


The magician asks for the deck to be cut by a volunteer.

The cards are replaced back on the deck face-up.

The magician thumbs through the cards (showing all the cards to be different) until he arrives at the first face down card which he offers to the volunteer to carefully examine (say, Seven of Clubs).

The selected card is then slid back into the deck .

The magician announces that he will locate and reveal the selected card in a most amazing manner !!

"Without shuffling or manipulating the deck in any way, I will locate your card and make it leap from the deck before your very eyes !", "Catch it - if you will".

The magician takes the deck in his hands - he begins to riffle one end of the deck very firmly, a card flies out of the deck into the air, it is caught and found to be the Seven of Clubs ! - even more amazingly it is only a miniature card - but it is the Seven of Clubs ! The volunteer and on-lookers stand amazed.

The magician slips away into a faint mist which has materialised nearby !

* * *

Now, this is not the most difficult trick you will ever come across and I could have just as easily posted it on the Novice page, but to do the trick justice it does require a 'performance' from the would be magician and much practice to get the miniature to leap into the air in a controlled manner each and every time !


A pack of cards, a 'double backed' card and any miniature card.

( Normal thickness Double backed cards are available from (see below) or you can make one by carefully gluing two cards face to face, use Bicycle cards as they are thinner than some cheap cards which might be noticed when doubled ! )

The miniature card need not be an exact match of the full size cards, having a similar coloured back and pattern will suffice.


Firstly we must 'force' a card onto the volunteer.

The 'Double Back' force

Let us assume (as in the description above) that the force card is to be the Seven of Clubs.

The miniature card must also be a Seven of Clubs. Slide the miniature card into the deck about four cards from the bottom (the end nearest to your body). The double backed card goes on the top of the deck and the Seven of Clubs goes immediately beneath the double backed card - face-up .

Holding the deck in your hand, ask a volunteer to cut the deck about half way down - have them carefully turn the cards over and place them back on the deck (face up).

You must now thumb the face up cards from one hand to the other until you reach the first face down card (it will be the Seven of Clubs) saying something like "As you can see, you had a completely free choice and could have cut down to any card", push the first face down card forward and ask the volunteer to take it.

You just 'forced' the Seven of Clubs.

Take the face up cards turn them over and place them (face-down) at the bottom of the deck - this ensures that the miniature is now positioned near the centre of the deck.

Have the 'selected' card returned to the deck by sliding it directly into the end of the deck. It really does not matter where the card is placed as we do not intend to re-produce this card.

Casually square the deck up to show that there is nothing unusual with the deck.

Use the patter -"Without shuffling or manipulating the deck in any way, I will locate your card and make it leap from the deck before your very eyes !", "Catch it - if you will".

Grip the deck firmly by the front end, hold the deck at chest height and give the rear end a strong riffle (practice this move) the miniature card will fly into the air - to be caught by the volunteer ! (?)

Most often the miniature card will flutter to the ground - if it lands face down - quickly reach down to pick it up and display the face, saying in an confident tone "Is this your card ???"

If the miniature card lands face-up leave it on the ground saying "Is that your card ???" - allow the volunteer to pick-up and keep the card.

Without saying anything, casually riffle the end of the deck again, allowing the spectators to come to their own conclusions !

Trick finished.

Note : Remember that you still have a double backed card in the deck, so don't be tempted to show the faces of the deck. If the worst comes to the worst and somehow the double backed card is seen - just dismiss it as one of those promotion type cards that have the rules for bridge printed on them. Its real purpose will never be suspected.

Final safety note : If you reach down to pick up a 'floored' card do not bend your head forward - just bend your knees allowing you whole body to drop down - thus avoiding a potential clash of heads !

Double backed cards are available from............