Kings Party Variation

Card Trick: Take out all the face cards and all the Aces, forget the other cards. Place all the Kings in a row and say they are having a party. Next say that they are all nice Kings and they invited their wives (the Queens) to the party. Put the Queens on top of the Kings. (Make sure they are the same suit.) Then say the Queens are very proud of their sons and they invite them to the party. Place the Jacks on top of the Queens. Say: "after the party all the people went to bed, and they were afraid of someone breaking in to their bedrooms, so they put locks on their doors." Put the Aces on top of the Jacks. Say that they all got mixed up in the middle of the night. Put all the stacks of cards together, one on top of the other. Turn them face-down and single cut them three times (only three.) Then lay them out in four rows, taking from the top of the pile. "But, come morning, all were back where they belonged." Turn the piles over to show the cards unmixed.