Chocolate Sandwich Variation

Effect: This is a variation on The Sandwiched Aces trick where the setup is performed in front of everyone. This makes the results even more amazing.

This is a variation on the Sandwiched Aces trick. In that trick, there is some setup involved in which one of the cards starts face-up on the bottom of the deck. I personally prefer tricks with no setup or where the setup can be performed in front of everyone.

I usually show my tricks to kids, so I tell them that they
re going to make a "Chocolate Sandwich and NOT a Strawberry Sandwich -- don't make a Strawberry Sandwich".

With the card faces toward you such that the audience cannot see them, explain that you are putting all the aces at the top of the deck -- red, black, red, black. In reality, you put a red ace on top, the ace of clubs second, any card third, the other red ace forth, and the ace of spades fifth.

Place the deck in your hand in dealer's position. Draw the top card in a way that you would perform a double lift, but take the top card off and show it. Explain "here is a strawberry card; we DON'T want to use this because we want to make a _chocolate_ sandwich." Put the card back on top of the pile, then take it off and put it on the bottom, explaining that we want to get it out of the way.

Draw the second card in the same way as the first. Explain "here is a chocolate card; we want this." Put it back on top of the deck and then take it off and put it on the table, face-down.

Perform a
double lift. Take the next two cards off and show the bottom card. This is the other red ace. The top card is a dummy. Again explain that we don't want this card. Place the two cards back on the deck, take off the top -- dummy -- card and bury it in the deck explaining that you are getting rid of it.

Again perform the double lift and show the ace of spades. Explain that this is the other half of the chocolate sandwich and we want this card. Put the cards back on the deck and take the top one off and place it on the table next to and slightly overlapping the first card on the table. This second card is the other red ace and it is overlapping the ace of clubs. The card on he top of the deck is the ace of spades.

Now you change hand positions into a glide grip. Show the red ace on the bottom. Again explain that we won't need this because we are NOT making a strawberry sandwich. Perform a glide taking the next-to- last card and bury it in the deck without showing that card.

The audience now thinks that both red aces are buried randomly in the deck. There is one more step before the deck is set up for the Sandwiched Aces. You need to flip over the bottom card -- the red ace. To do this, fan out the cards and have a spectator choose one, but have him/her put in on the table without looking at it. Prepare your right hand to feel the last card and to get a hold of it. Misdirect the spectator by telling the spectator to flip the card over. As the card is flipped, flip that bottom card over while you are closing the fanned cards. With practice, this will become smooth.

Finally, tell the spectator to carefully slide the chosen card in between the two cards, apparently completing the sandwich.

The rest of the trick is the Sandwiched Aces. While the person is sliding the chosen card to make the sandwich, secure a little finger break under the top card -- the ace of spades. Gather the three cards on the table and put them on the deck in your hand (or have the spectator do it).

Pick up the four cards on the top of the deck -- the three cards that were on the deck plus the ace of spaces above the break -- and flip them over. I then shake the deck and sometime have the spectator "help" me. Carefully take off the top two cards, which are the black aces face-up. In a sarcastic voice, say "I told you to make a chocolate sandwich. With nothing in between, that's not much of a sandwich!".

Cut the deck, shake it again, flip the deck over, fan out the cards, and the selected card will be face-up between two face-down cards. Take out all three and say "You didn't!". Turn over the face-down cards and show the two red aces -- a strawberry sandwich!