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The effect of this trick:
The performer challenges the spectators to arrange six playing cards in any way they like but to be able to lift just one card which in turn lifts all the others, keeping the faces of all the cards visible. When they fail, the performer shows them how it's done.
Before you begin the trick:

The key to this trick is to practise the technique involved as you need to be able to do it smoothly and easily.
Use six playing cards from an ordinary pack.
The technique to arrange the cards:
Place the first card (master card) vertically, face down on the table. Place the next card (card 2) horizontally on top of it. Around these first two cards you have to tuck in the remaining four - tuck two horizontally behind the master card and then place the other two vertcially over card 2 but behind cards 3 and 4.
All six cards can be lifted by card 2 and also be turned over to show all their faces still visible.
Here's how it's done:
Spread out six cards face down and challeng the spectators to work out how they could be arranged so that all six cards can be lifted by just holding one at the edges, yet keeping the faces of the cards visible when they're all lifted.
When the spectators have failed in their attempts, you proceed to succeed quickly and easily!

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