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Easy Eights
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Appearing Card
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Gemini Twins
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Sim Sala Bim
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Housing Suits

ffect: Flip top card over and put the next on the bottom. Continue doing this forming suits counting down from Ace to 2. When you find a card out of order you tell the person their card.

METHOD:Sit home and arrange cards to where if you take the top card and flip it over then put the next on the bottom and continue the process it divides the deck into suits counting down from Ace to 2 (it's easier if you add a Joker). I would tell you the order but then you'd lose the fun of figuring it out.

Have the spectator pick out a card and put in the deck. Do The process mentioned before and and if you find a card out of order think to yourself, if the card is behind the card that was supposed to be there you know it is the card missing. But if it is a card that has no business there you know it is that particular card.

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