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Card Tricks

As Many As You
This mathematical trick can be performed with any pack ...

Never the Wrong Card
Effect: The magician has you pick a card, and then has you...

Four Islands
Effect: There are four islands in an ocean. Each has a kin...

Reversed Card
The magician spreads a deck of cards between his hands - a...

The Turn Around Card Trick
Effect: The performer places eight cards face up on the ta...

Mystery Ten
Effect: This is a whole story of Seven detectives chas...

Turning The Tables
The effect of the trick: From three piles of cards the sp...

Magic Riffle
Effect: Performer shuffles the deck and then riffles throu...

Who's The Magician
Hand a full deck of cards to a volunteer to shuffle. (Make...

Aces for Cardmen Only
Description: Magician cuts the 4 aces from a thoroughly sh...

Hard Card Memorization

Ask the spectator to spread a pack of cards, which they have shuffled, face down on the table. Tell them to remove a card from the upper part of the spread, note what the card is, and place it in the lower part of the spread. When the card is inserted into the lower part of the spread, make a mental estimate of how far the card is from the end of the spread.

Gather the cards and put them behind your back. Count off to within four cards of the estimated position, and put them on top. Take off 4 cards from the top and one from the bottom and ask if the card is among the five. If not discard them and repeat. When the card appears you know it is the one drawn from the bottom.

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