Wild West Aces

A card is selected and placed between two Black aces, in an instant the selected card disappears and then re-appears between two Red aces in the centre of the deck !


You will have to have a Red Ace between the two Black aces on the top of the deck (I have the Ace of Spades uppermost).The second Red ace is placed face up at the bottom of the deck. I usually remove the aces openly casually explaining that I will perform a 4 Ace trick (everything seems abo
e board). Whilst sorting the Aces I secretly reverse the second Red Ace and place it at the bottom.

Start by asking "Has anyone here heard of the Wild Wild West ?" the answer without fail is "Yes"

A discussion may start - when they have finished, say.....

"Well, I'm going to tell you a story of the Wild Wild West."

"In the Wild Wild West there were Marshals and Sheriffs" - turn over the top card (held as if performing a Double lift) to display the Ace of Spades.

"This is our first Marshall, the Aces of Spades." - gesturing towards it with the opposite index finger.

Return the AS to the top of the deck, thumb it over slightly then deal it onto your table (briefly showing the face again).

"We have Marshals but there were also Desperados !"

"I would now like someone to select a 'desperate' card by inserting their finger into the deck as I riffle the end".

Offer the deck towards a willing volunteer, Riffle the end without showing the bottom Ace.

Have them insert a finger and remove the selected card (say, 3 Diamonds) and ask that they "Memorise the card and show it to everyone else".

"Now please place your card on the table" They will place it near to the face down Ace of Spades.

"No - not like that !" (smile) pick up the card and place it face up approximately half way across the AS.

"Oh, the 3 of Diamonds !" "He's a desperado if ever I saw one!" "We are going to need some help here."

Double lift showing the Ace of Clubs. "Here is the help we need, our second Marshall, the Ace of Clubs"

Replace the Double and thumb off the top card (as before) placing it (face down) about half way across the 3D.

At this point obtain a little finger break under the top card.

Evenly scoop up the three tabled cards saying "Our Marshals have taken the desperate 3 of Diamonds into custody, they must now take him to prison."

Bring the three cards up onto the top of the deck - immediately steal the extra card and turn over the four cards as one. Thumb over the top two cards saying "But as you can see the 3 of Diamonds is a slippery customer and has escaped !"

Place the two Black Aces on the table.

Cut off the bottom half of the deck and display both halves (one in each hand) in a Biddle style grip.

Raise and lower each half alternately whilst saying "But don't worry! within the deck are two Deputies and they have already gone in search of the Desperado".

Bring your hands together replacing the bottom half on top.

Immediately Ribbon Spread the deck on your table, exposing the two reversed Red Aces.

"There are our two Deputies and as you can see they have apprehended a desperado" Remove the two Red Aces which have a card sandwiched between them.

Offer the three cards towards your spectators."Please look at the desperado that our Deputies have captured !"

Your helper removes the middle card - It is the 3 of Diamonds