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Number's Game

Effect: Through math, you can find out two cards that a person has chosen.

Preparation: Make sure all Tens, Jacks , Queens, and Kings have been removed from the deck. (Aces serve as one.)


Have the person you are showing the trick shuffle the cards. Take a group of cards and hold them in your hand, spread out in a fan shape. Ask him/her to pick a card from among them. Tell the person to remember it and to put it back in the deck.

Ask them to double the value of the card they picked, then to add 5. Now have them multiply that number by 5. Tell them not to forget this number.

Instruct them to look at another card in the deck, and to add its value to the total that they had computed before. They are to tell you the final total of everything.

In your head, subtract 25 from the total. The two digits you get are the same as the two cards they chose. Example: they choose a Five, then a Three.

5(doubled) = 10 plus 5 = 15. Multiply times 5 = 75.
Three added to total = 78. You subtract 25 = 53.
They picked a Five and a Three!

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