Card Tricks

Count Down
Original Author: Unknown Trick Description: You shuffle...

Wild West Aces
A card is selected and placed between two Black aces, in a...

I Can't Believe They Don't Get It!
ffect: Good trick, easy to figure out, but it works on peo...

That's Odd
This trick can be repeated over and over again without any...

Build the Houses
Deal 3 cards face up in a row, and continue dealing until ...

Come together
The effect of the trick: The spectator cuts an ordinary p...

Think of a Card
Effect: The magician takes a packet of ten cards from the ...

The Enchanted Card
1) Take a deck and shuffle it in front of the person. 2...

The Embarrassed Double
Original Author: Unknown The magician spreads the deck ...

Card Mutilation
Effect: This is a Card trick that involves mutilating two ...

Opposite Decks

1. Before doing this magic trick you need to separate the cards into red and black. The black cards should all be together and the red cards should be together, making them like two small decks.

2. Separate the decks and lay them face down.

3. Ask a spectator to take one card randomly out of each "deck", making sure he/she doesn't look at the deck.

4. Ask the spectator the memorize the cards, then put each one back in the opposite deck from which they took it.

5. Have the spectator shuffle each deck separately.

6. Take the decks up and tell them you will now find their cards.

7. Simply look through the red deck up and find the only black card in it. Same for the black deck.

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