Coin Vanishing Through A Table Trick

Effect: A glass is covered with a paper tube. The glass and tube are then placed over a coin on a table. When the paper tube is removed, the coin has vanished and has actually travelled through the table.

Preparation: You will need an ordinary glass.

Three sheets of white paper approx 8 inches by 12 inches.

Glue and scissors and a coin.

Place some glue round the rim of the glass and place the glass upside on a sheet of white paper and a
low the glue to dry.

When the glue is dry cut round the rim of the glass with the scissors so the mouth of the glass is covered by a paper circle.

Turn the glass upside down and wrap a second sheet of paper round it to form a loose fitting tube and glue this and allow to dry.

Place a coin on a third sheet of paper laid on the table and a second coin of the same value should be attached by tape or wax under the table.

Method: Announce to a spectator that you are going to make a coin travel through a solid table.

Take the paper tube and place it over the glass which is already on the table upside down on top on the sheet of paper.

Lift the tube covered glass and place it over the coin with the glass still being upside down.

Remove the tube from the glass and the coin appears to have dissappeared.

Give the tube to the spectator for inspection.

The coin is actually under the paper rim of the glass which is invisible as it is the same colour as the paper sheet on the table.

If you wish to increase the effect you can reach under the table and remove the other coin and tell the spectator that the coin has actually travelled through the table.