Card Tricks

Magic Riffle
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Psychic Hotline
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EFFECT: The Magician spreads the cards in his hands and as...

Piano Duets
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Was There Now It's Here
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Magic In a Glass
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Shot Away
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Kings Party Variation
Card Trick: Take out all the face cards and all the Aces, ...

Quick Counting
Place the 4 aces on the top of the deck. Have the spectato...

Never the Wrong Card
Effect: The magician has you pick a card, and then has you...

2 of a Kind

Effect: The magician picks out two cards. He has a spectator cut the deck. He flips over the cards that he picked, then he flips over two cards of the deck that was cut. The cards match.

1. Shuffle the deck so the specator doesn't think you've rigged it.

2.) Tell them you will pick two cards. Go through the deck making sure you look at the bottom and the top cards of the deck.

3.) Pick out a card that matches the bottom card. (If the bottom card is a Four of Hearts, you would pick out the Four of Diamonds to match it.) Then pick out a card that is the same as the top card.

4.) Ask the spectator to cut the deck.

5.) Take the first card, the one on top of the original top of the deck, and flip it over.

6.) Flip the bottom half of the deck over completely.

7.) Flip over the cards you picked. They all match!

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