Walk Through Paper Trick


This is more of a "dare"/puzzle than it is a magic trick, but it's still fun to do. The magician asks the audience if anyone thinks he can cut a piece of regular paper with a hole big enough for him to walk through.

Then the magician snips a piece of paper along the lines on the template (he can either use the template or memorize the snips) and walks through the giant hole that's created!

NOTE: I suggest if the magician memorizes the snips
that he or she still have a printed template handy, just in case they forget when they're in front of an audience.


* piece of paper (construction paper works well as it's a bit sturdier) with or without template printed on it (depending on if magician memorizes the snips)

* scissors



This trick is more of a puzzle or a dare but it's still fun to show an audience.

Print out the template and practice snipping it, stretching it out and walking through it a few times.


Ask the audience if they think you can cut a hole large enough to walk through in a regular piece of paper.

Cut the template out as quickly as possible (you don't have to be perfectly on the lines. Stretch the paper apart carefully and walk through it. You can hand the template out to the members of the audience so they can try it out at home!