Card Tricks

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The Turn Around Card Trick
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Impossible Card Location
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Kings Family Variation
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Abracadabra Magic Card Trick
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Counted Cards
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Lucky Guess Variation
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Impossible Mind Reader
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Do It Yourself Discovery
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Math is Beautiful
Effect: This trick is a math trick. You make alot of piles...

Your Pick

Effect: You riffle the deck let the audience pick a card and put it back. You cut the deck into 4 piles they pick 3 to take out and the pile left over is the pile with their card on the top

Card Trick:

You need a Svengali Deck.

1. Take off the top card and put it aside.

2. Riffle so normal cards show, have them take the bottom card (a forced card) and return it.

3. Cut the cards so the short cards (forced cards) are on top of 4 piles.

4. Tell them "I don't like to work to hard so you'll lead me to your pile. Pick 3 piles, any 3 piles to take away."

5. Turn over the top card of the last pile and it is thiers. Put the deck away.

6. When they ask for the deck to examine take out a real deck and give it to them.

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