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Card Tricks

Card Mutilation
Effect: This is a Card trick that involves mutilating two ...

Math is Beautiful
Effect: This trick is a math trick. You make alot of piles...

Seven Detectives
Effect: This is a story of seven detectives chasing a murd...

Three Card Match
Effect: A person from the audience picks a card and sets i...

The Magnetic Cards
Effect: Two cards are either chosen by the same person or ...

The Magical Trio
The effect of the trick: Three cards of the same value are...

Very Ambitious Card
Effect: A spectators card rises from the center to the top...

Card Appearance
Effect: The Magician has a spectator choose a card, then t...

A Cut Above the Rest
This is a sleight of hand trick which requires some practi...

Find The Card The Hard Way Variation
Deal 3 cards across 7 times so that you have 3 piles of 7 ...

Magic Partner

Effect: You fan out the cards, having a spectator memorize a card mentally. You then give the spectator the cards and have him (or her) give you a card and then put one on the bottom until he gets to the last card. That last card is the card he mentally chose.

Card Trick: Have the spectator shuffle the cards and deal ten cards face down. Tell him to fan these out and memorize any one and also its position from the right end of the fan (assuming that the cards are fanned from left to right). Have the spectator give you the cards. Put them behind your back and move three (one at a time) from bottom to top. Return the cards to the spectator and have him tell you the position of the card from the right. Have him move that many cards from bottom to top. Now, have him hand you the top card and put the next card on the bottom, and to repeat this until he gets to the last card. When he turns it over, it is the card that he chose.

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